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UFC 175
UFC 175

MMA Collector Shipping Promise:
The MMA Collector understands that shipping a valuable addition to your collection is a critical part of our business. Anybody that has purchased from us will tell you that we over-pack each and every package or tube that is shipped. Why? Because we want you to receive your MMA Memorabilia in exactly the same condition that it left our hands in.

We have shipped and received hundreds of posters and have developed a system that works. The key is to make sure the ends of the poster are perfectly even once rolled and to take clear plastic (saran wrap) and wrap the poster completely leaving some extra to protect the ends. Then you need to make sure that the extra space in the tube is filled with bubble wrap to absorb the shock from the beating the tube WILL take in transit.

We didn't invent this method of shipping posters, in fact we learned it from the Japanese collectors. Most of the collectors in Japan that ship posters will use this method and the results are the same every time, no damage and a very happy collector! The last thing a collector wants is to pay a lot of money for an item and have that item get jammed into a tube or box and shipped to them unprotected. Once an item is sold, we do our best to pack and ship it to you so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Shipping Rates:
***Shipping is ALWAYS FREE*** in the U.S.A. MMA Collector will professionally pack and ship your purchase for free!

International Orders:
International orders are ALWAYS welcome but shipping rates for International orders have to be manually processed, they are figured depending on the items ordered and the country they are shipping to. MMA Collector is not responsible for lost international orders or taxes that must be paid to your country as "duties" on imported goods. ALL International orders will be reviewed first before processing and we reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.

We hope this makes ordering a little easier and worry-free!

MMA Collector

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