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UFC 175
UFC 175

I have an extremely RARE and expensive item that I want to sell...
Can MMA Collector help me?

Because of the network of collectors that we have access to most of the time we can privately sell your item(s) without even listing them on our site. If you have an item (or a collection) that you are intereted in selling... we will most likely consider listing it in the "Consignments" area of the website for you FOR FREE! Not only do we have tons of MMA Collectors visiting our site each day but we have Fighters, Managers, Professional Sports Memorabilia Collectors, and serious Investors looking as well... this means top-dollar will be paid for your item(s). MMA Collector does not charge ANY fees to list RARE items on our site... It benefits us as much as it does you, we enjoy the increased traffic from having great items for sale all the time and you get free advertising for your items. This works much better than Ebay because YOU set the price and your item can stay "for sale" as long as it takes to sell on our site. Please Contact Us for more details!

I am a fighter or a manager and I want to sell some things but I dont want anybody to know that I am doing this, can you help me?
Absolutely! If any item(s) need to be sold "private sale" or coming from a non-disclosed source... as long as MMA Collector can verify the authenticity of the item, this is not a problem. Please Contact Us for further details, we have done this MANY times already and it has always been a success for those involved. Your privacy is always safe with us.

I am a member of the Press and I have a few quick questions for you, can you help me? Yes! Please use the "Contact us" form or email us directly with you question(s) at: and we will answer your questions in a timely fashion. If the situation is best handled by a phone-call, this can be arranged as well. We would be happy to help any answer any questions that you may have regarding the MMA Memorabilia marketplace or any other MMA Memorabilia related questions. We have years and years of MMA Memorabilia Buying and Selling experience and would love to share it with you.

What payment methods are accepted?
Our preferred method of payment is Paypal. You can use a credit card with Paypal WITHOUT HAVING TO SET UP A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

We will accept Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Cash if you use the "Contact Us" form and place your oder in the "Message" section. Please remember to use the drop-down menu and select "Order items and pay by money order, check, or cash". We will email you a confirmation back with any questions and provide you with a payment mailing address.

Can I link to MMA Collector's website?
Yes you can. Our only request is that you link to the index (main) page when linking.
MMA Collector web banners of various sizes will be available soon.

Can I Order Over The Phone?
Unfortunately we cannot take phone orders at this time.

How do I contact MMA Collector?
Please use the "Contact Us" form. The MMA Collector can also be contacted by email at:

How Do You Ship Your Orders?
Orders within the United States are shipped by the US Postal Service. Most orders are shipped the same day payment is received.

Can I return an Item?
Yes. Please use the Contact Us form to request a return.

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