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MMA Memorabilia
UFC 175
UFC 175
About MMA Collector:

CLICK HERE to read an article about MMA Collector's Authenticator published on MMA Junkie

If you are a fighter or an industry professional that is looking to get an idea of the value of your MMA items or you need complete confidentiality during the process of selling your items MMA Collector will get the job done quickly and professionally. References are available upon request.

MMA Collector has worked with past and present UFC Champions and some of the most influential brands in the MMA marketplace. Our reputation as experts in the MMA Memorabilia arena has grown rapidly in the last few years due to our expertise authenticating, appraising, and documenting high-end MMA items. Many times we have been asked to confidentially sell important items that belong to high-profile individuals. Our extensive network of global investors has allowed us to successfully complete private transactions in very short periods of time. It is becoming a well known fact that MMA Collector will obtain the most money for your valuable MMA Memorabilia. MMA Collector has quickly positioned itself as the industry leader completing high-end MMA Memorabilia transactions on an almost daily basis. Our access to many of the most important people in the industry has helped us grow into the company we are today. Ebay used to be a great indicator of market-value but not for one-of-a-kind or extremely rare items… for those items you need an already established network of professionals to actively connect with buyers that are pre-qualified and know exactly what they are looking for. MMA Collector has clients that buy specific brands of items (SEG, UFC, Pride FC to name a few) or types of items (fight-worn gloves, event canvases, signed event posters to name a few), we also have clients that are interested in buying only limited edition or premium products. If you want to know what your item(s) are worth MMA Collector can tell you. If you want to sell your items MMA Collector will get you top dollar. This is what we do all day, every day.

We are not only dedicated and experienced MMA Memorabilia collectors, but we are also true fans of the sport and respect all of the fighters that step into the ring or the cage! We have been silently collecting mma memorabilia since 1993. We have been around long enough to know most of the collectors and items of interest. We research every item found to learn the history, origin, and collectability. This has been our passion for a number of years. Our experience collecting has taught us to supply our customers with a quality product which is 100 percent authentic. This website has been a long time coming! We have been disappointed for the past few years by the limited amount and overall quality of MMA Memorabilia available.

One thing is certain: It is getting RISKIER to buy authentic MMA Memorabilia without trusted, proven, and reliable sources. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE! Our Guarantee is to sell only verified, authentic, MMA Memorabilia and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will return your purchase price no questions asked!

We not only sell memorabilia, but can assist you with finding an item you may be searching for. Please don't hesitate to email us with questions, comments, or suggestions. After all, we are collectors, just like you.

You can be sure that anything purchased from the MMA Collector is the real-deal! For investments it only makes sense to buy from an established, recognized, industry-proven source…. And we are it!

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